Bundle of 5 Silicone drain plug bathroom drain kitchen sink drain by Trending Tail

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This is a waterproof anti odor floor drain cover, large disk coverage, can satisfy the water hole of various sizes, water can firmly suck the surface of the water tank, stop all kinds of debris, to prevent clogging of the sewer, press the middle button on the edge of the cover, you can turn off the valve, good sealing property, can completely prevent water the passage again, press the center button will bounce, rapidly draining sewage, keep the sink clean, the operation is very convenient, is the essential household goods pool sink.

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Material: Silica Gel
Size: 10 cm by 3.6 cm normally fits in drain bigger than 3.6 cm
usage: bathroom drain, kitchen sink drain, hand wash drain, bathtub drain
operating: push button open and close the plug
weight: 27 gm
colours available: white, grey, blue, pink, green.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 cm


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